Car insurance in Thailand


Are you looking for a car insurance in Thailand?

If you are serious about it, I’d recommend you to find the proper car insurance through the following insurance broker Mister Prakan most famous in Thailand.

I’ve ever driven cars in Thailand over 6 years and have the contract through Mister Prakan every time because it can compare many insurance companies in Thailand in terms of yearly price, accident compensation, location of trustable repair shop, etc..

They deal with not only Car insurance but health/covid insurance, Motorcycle insurance, Health Insurance, Travel Insurance, etc.. Please take a look at it first.


I’ve ever driven several cars under various car insurance companies which I found in Mister Prakan for over 6 years.

I could communicate with Mister Prakan staff in English in conclusion of the contract, so there has been no misunderstanding between me and the insurance company.

The reason why I strongly recommend you to join in the car insurance is due to my awful experience of car accidents in 2022.

I hadn’t encountered any accident in Thailand for over 5 years even including just kind of scratches until such awful experience in 2022.

I was driving my car on public wide road with 4 lanes and made a right U-turn in consideration of around 500m away pick-up truck driving speedy.

After my U-turn, it seemed he didn’t decrease the speed possibly because he didn’t notice my car ahead(maybe he was playing on mobile phone..), then he noticed my car just in front of his car and hurried up to put the break, but hitting the rear side of my car was inevitable with maybe 50-60km speed.

The consequence was following photos.

The rear window/bumper/door mirrors/tires were completely broken..

When I was hit on the rear part of my car by the pick-up truck, I felt bit painful on my neck and head, that’s why after both insurance companies inspected the accident scene, I went to hospital for just CT-Scan riding an ambulance. As a result, it was no problem. It was very lucky for me.

My car has been repaired still now, but I need to pay only 5,000 bath for all repair expenses because my insurance contract is grade 1 with deductibles 5,000 bath.
Through my terrible experience above, I hope my experience and information can be of great helpf for you.


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